Diving in the Little Belt

Diving in the waters oft he Little Belt – especially in the narrow strait between Middelfart and Fredericia – is a truly extraordinary experience. There are all kinds of fantastic dive spots within a radius of just 10 km. The diving is in a class of its own and suits all tastes, interests and levels of experience. It is also an absolute delight for fans of underwater photography.

You can experience everything ranging from cod fry and small pipefish to large blocks of clay, located as clusters on a coral reef and are good hiding places for fish. Here you often encounter large cod and trout. There is strong current in the belt, so if you have the opportunity, having a support boat and /or a surface crew on land is a good precaution. Beneath the surface you will also find one of the largest porpoise populations due to the diverse life below the surface. It’s no coincidence that divers from all over Europe love to dive in the Little Belt.

The Little Belt – some of the finest diving waters in Northern Europe, with unforgettable diving experiences guaranteed.

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